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HomeKit Build & Review: Light the Night with Meross Switches

After automating my garage door and adding lights to my basement I thought my HomeKit hobby was winding down. How wrong I was.

Accessory Update: LIFX Mini Day & Dusk Bulbs

A whole-house power outage knocked my LIFX bulbs for a loop this week.

HomeKit Build & Review: Basement Lighting with LIFX and ONVIS

With my garage door properly automated my mind turned to other places in my house that could do with a bit of HomeKit love.

HomeKit Build & Review: Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

The accessory that kicked off my HomeKit hobby in earnest, the Meross garage door opener was truly the Home addition I’d been waiting for.

Automation Update: ecobee SmartThermostat + Shortcuts

A shortcut to turn off my ecobee thermostat kicked into gear this morning.

HomeKit Build & Review: ecobee4 SmartThermostat

Welcome to the first post of substance! In today’s post we’ll cover my initial piece of HomeKit tech: The ecobee smart thermostat.

HomeKit Builds & Reviews: A Series

After a number of years of not caring too much about HomeKit I picked up a couple of accessories and started nerding out on it hard. I’m going to use this site to write up the problems I’m solving, the accessories I’m using to solve them, and my reviews of those accessories.